Hello my lovely people and welcome to Nourish Me Whole Heartedly.


It is an absolute pleasure to have you! 



First Things First…  About Me


IMG_3426_1.jpg - largeI’m a farm girl, born and raised.  When I am standing on top of a hill with the wind touching my face and a view that reminds me of how much I love this country, I am free. I am lifted and grounded at the same time, filled with gratitude and overwhelming peace. This feeling has never left me. I love the land, I love the natural environment it creates, and I love the plants and animals that bring it to life. I know what beautiful TRULY means… It’s clean, untouched and balanced. In it’s natural state this land thrives… Just like our inner health. If we can nourish ourselves whole-heartedly by providing our bodies with the cleanest, untouched and balanced foods and products available, we can thrive just as effectively.


I grew up helping my Dad on the farm. Stepping into the paddock of a weekend really centered my entire existence. I remember the smell of eucalyptus in the heavy winter air, the warmth of the sun on my back despite the early frost, and the sound of the mountain birds who shared the morning’s activities with us. I was a very studious child and focused on my education as a priority, however it was the glory of the blue skies and vast outdoors that really engulfed my spirit. I carry a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty… something which is embedded within my heart.


I want to be balanced like the earth, I want to nurture this connection I have with the land, and I want to enjoy this fabulous country for as long as I possibly can. The only way I can achieve this is to look after my health and return to the basics of survival. What is all this “food” on our shelves that have no resemblance to earth’s natural fruits, vegetable and proteins? I am sick (maybe literally) of seeing our grocery stores filled with easy solutions that starve us of basic nutrition. It is so far drawn from where I came from that I don’t want it in my life anymore. I refuse to trust catch phrases on tin cans to feed my family. I won't have it! I trust myself and what I know… That real food comes straight from the ground, as it is presented, and as it is intended! Unfortunately for all of us, even clean eating is not enough. We must take some form of vitamin supplement to replace what has been lost in our soils, which leads to a loss of nutrients (this includes probiotics and digestive enzymes!) in our produce (even our meat and dairy), and on top of all of that, to combat the pollution and chemicals we are exposed to in the process of consumption and day-to-day living.


“My goal is to consistently nourish and feed my body”


I try to avoid chemicals and Genetically Modified Organisms. I opt for organic when I can, and when it comes to fresh food, I go for Australian owned and grown all the way. I trust this beautiful country and I believe in supporting our community. 


I am not into diets and restrictions (or over exercising!). My goal is to consistently nourish and feed my body


I’ve hunted for the most natural, organic, non-GMO, and EFFECTIVE products out there. Nourish Me Whole Heartedly will grow over time, providing access to great new products and fresh stories from my own personal health journey. This journey will never end for me, and I love that fact.


And this is how my creation, Nourish Me Whole Heartedly became a reality! I need you to feel as good as I do, inside and out!


Despite the relentless research I conduct to guide my health choices, I urge you to PLEASE, ALWAYS make sure you do your own research and talk to a professional if you are unsure when making your own decisions. I am not a qualified health coach. I have simply taken a proactive approach to my general wellbeing.



Why did I create Nourish Me Whole Heartedly?


Why did I set up this website to expose all of my (from a general wellbeing’s perspective)… Dare I say it?...  “Life ups and downs” ?


Here’s the lowdown, plain and simple:


Because, if I can go through life thinking I know it all and that I’ve got it right with this existence of mine; that I have control over my health and I am living my life exactly how I want to, THEN I find it reasonable to believe that many of you out there are doing that exact same thing. 


Unfortunately, we are good people putting our good faith in a wider system of media and marketing that serves us no real purpose but to make money from our trust. Well I refuse to do this any longer. I trust myself and I know my body…. This has become my mantra. This is my answer to anybody who questions my new found fantastic healthy lifestyle. I know how good I feel, I know how good I used to feel (good? Ummm…. Wrong word), and I am now in the position to know if there is something not right with my body’s functioning. If you are truly healthy, you tend to develop an inner ability to listen to your body and provide the TLC it needs when required.


Basically, if I can improve my general well being by tweaking certain habits in my daily routine, anyone can do it.


“I trust myself, and I know my body”


My journey is not perfect, and never will be. It may go against other’s nutritional beliefs, but it works for me. Just as you will begin your own journey and find what works for you.


I created Nourish Me Whole Heartedly so you can access the same healthy products and supplements that helped me, so you can begin your own journey, feel fantastic and ultimately, REGAIN YOUR TRUE SELF… but only you can do this, and in your own way. I just want you to feel as wonderful as I do, and my beautifully inspiring world “Nourish ME Whole Heartedly”, is here to get you started.




Demand to: “Nourish ME Whole Heartedly”!



Core Values of Nourish Me Whole Heartedly:

  1. Organic Lifestyle: Certified Organic when ever you can!
  2. Your right to live GMO Free: How can you reach maximum health if your body cannot live and breathe as nature intended? Nature’s creations are true and original… This is what our body instinctly recognises and most effectively utilizes when trying to heal and correct itself.
  3. Australian owned and grown fresh produce!!
  4. Motivation: Sharing great health and providing access to great products to achieve it. My journey is now your turning point. I want you to embrace real health and feel as good as I do.
  5. Happiness is the key: To be healthy is to be beautiful. To see and feel the beauty within, is to unlock the beauty in everything else around you. To feel wonderful enough to experience appreciation and find joy in the beauty you see, is to find a higher level of happiness. Your mind has a tremendous effect on your overall health and wellbeing.
  6. Love yourself first: Being healthy is also about finding your true happiness. When you are truly happy, you are free to love yourself. To love others, you must first love yourself. 


When you dig deep to find inner health, love and happiness, you will also find the confidence and drive to achieve your dreams… And that could be ANYTHING!


Go forth and ACHIEVE my gorgeous people!


Love to you all! Xxox