Concentrated Nutrition




Why do we need it?

I know, I know... I can hear your thoughts right now! Why do we need concentrated nutrition on top of our diets if we are already eating clean and indulging in super foods, healthy fats, and veggies galore?

If I'm all about REAL FOOD and eating well, I shouldn't be mentioning supplementing the menu with extra vitamins... It just seems WRONG! ... Or is it? Could it be possible and completely reasonable to think that the perfect diet is not so perfect at all, and that there is actually, no such thing as the perfect diet, just better options?


The SAD TRUTH is this: 

  1. Our soils are lacking microbes and digestive enzymes. Agriculture has ruined the natural soil micro biome. This means our guts are suffering from a lack of, or an imbalance of, bacteria required for healthy immune systems. The gut/brain connection has also been largely disussed in all corners of the health world recently. Our real food is also lacking nutrition. If you are not growing it yourself or reaching out to farmers markets, you are doing yourself a major disservice due to minimised nutrition within your conventionally grown wholefoods.
  2. We've changed our fruit and veg! Have you seen what fruit and vegetables USED TO LOOK LIKE? History shows that most of our wholefoods were much smaller in size, and much stronger/bitter in taste. Today's produce has been bred to be larger, hold more water and sugar, and hence the nutrition density of our current range of fresh food has decreased over time. Look at this short clip.
  3. We are experiencing toxic overload no matter how 'clean' we try to be. The air we breathe, the water we shower in, the soils we grow our food in, the materials in our homes, our furniture and our clothes. The creams and lotions we put on our skin. How we clean our homes and what we garden with. Even the synthetic version of vitamins we take with only the best intentions for better health. Sunscreen... Perfect example... Fluoride Toothpaste... Another Oxymoron. 
  4. Are you struggling? Now be honest... You're eating well too right? But you're also struggling in some way. Like me, you're probably eating all of that organic, whole food goodness. Bypassing the refined wheat, refined sugar and dairy. Stocking up on coconut oil, omega's, herbs and spices. Eating from your own veggie patch when you can. Even brewing your own kombucha! (I certainly am!). You're using those organic goods on your skin, in fact nearly everything you use is branded organic. But still, you're struggling slightly. If this is you, have you admitted this to yourself yet? My aim is to feel my absolute best from an awesome level of health and vitality! That's why I'm doing all of this! (SCREAMS TO THE TOP OF HER LUNGS!)! I want to feel bloody amazing, AND I DESERVE TO! In my recent past, amidst all of my efforts, there was a time that I wasn't feeling too crash hot and it was extremely disappointing... Heartbreaking actually. And embarrassing to an extent. I couldn't even admit it to my closest family members. Here's me being angelic with everything I put into and onto my body, but I was stuck indoors with no energy, feeling down and unmotivated, and gradually putting on weight with increased stress because I just couldn't get anything done! This was me for a while, like for 8 months worth, but I kept trying. I kept trying until I thought there was nothing left for me to try. Even the chiro told me I had burnt out my adrenals to the extent of likening it to falling off a cliff where there was no way of getting back to higher ground until I'd travelled a long and tedious journey back to a state of normal, functioning, healthy adrenals! 

Watch this little video as to WHY...


How can we achieve it?

Now that you know my story, let's look at what's IN my vitamins... The supplements that SAVED me!

Here's a list of some of the plants I now include every day on top of the usual diet (many of these are known as 'adaptogen herbs' - the new class of superfood in my opinion):


Turmeric Boswellia Goldthread Panax Ginseng Milk Thistle
Bacopa Bilberry Rhodiola Siberian Ginseng Liquorice
Grapeseed Ashwagandha Alfalfa Pau d'Arco Wolfberry
Burdock Shilajit Black Walnut Pomegranate  

This is a wonderful
article on the health benefits of adaptogen herbs. There are vast amounts of literature and science behind these plants, even going back to the Cold War.


I also include digestive enzymes, probiotics, vitamin B liquid, 5 types of calcium (important for women), omega's... Just to mention a few amongst the many other important nutrients I've enriched my diet with.

I've been doing a lot of reading on the above plants over the past 5 years so I was quite familiar with the names when I came across them in my newfound supplement regime.... A regime that is ridiculously easy and an invaluable addition to the preservation of my health.

I've managed to replace a large bowl's worth of expensive, ineffective vitamins with a handful of more effective, real ingredient based supplements. And I've never felt better! Thank goodness!!!


Want to know what I'm talking about? Want to see the products I take every day without the need for any other version out there? 

Let's look at the products as explained by fellow Australian Jenn Jefferies (a Naturopath for 27 years)

Here's a video of Jenn herself...



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Don't forget, when you decide to invest in that extra boost to your health and wellness, you are also receiving face to face support and coaching from myself. Whatever you want to know, I am here to get you off and running.

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How will I support you?

Please get in contact! Facebook, email, whatever is conveniant, I will welcome you with open arms! Tell me what particular health goals you would like to address. I will suggest the best options specific to you and discuss the different packages for your needs. 


Why do I want to help on such a personal level...


Without full nutrition we simply don’t have optimal health and this inhibits our ultimate mind/body connection. Me, well I am proof, and I am my own work in progress. I am black and white, true evidence that if you are deficient in something, your mind controls what you do (or don’t do), how you perceive things… It controls your ability to think abundantly. It can trap negative emotions, and then it impacts on your health, not just emotionally but physically…. You start to stray away from who you really are, who you want to be, and how you love yourself. This all forms a nasty cycle and we get stuck in a negative mindset that closes doors to opportunities. Small ones like enjoying time with the family we hang with everyday, and large ones like projects we’d love to pursue, our careers, and whom we could bump into that might have the key to enriching our lives in some way.

I want to know what you are struggling with...  What do you want to achieve for yourself health wise? Increased mental clarity and less brain fog? Do you want to find motivation for the things you want to achieve but can’t kick start for some reason? We can WANT to do certain things, but a negative mindset and energy levels can restrict us from getting out there and doing them. Do you want to improve your diet; perhaps be more organised with this? Would you like to lose some weight and replace it with better muscle tone? Do you just want a higher level of wellbeing so you can be reassured that you are doing the best you can to preserve your health? Are you feeling down? Do you feel trapped in someway, whether it be in the house or by your own thought process? Let me know these things. List them for me in an email, or message my Facebook page.


Next, you need to look at what you are buying off the shelves vitamin wise. Would you be willing to let go of whatever you are taking in the form of vitamin and food supplements and trust what I am offering you as the alternative? I had to do this and I am forever grateful. A whole box full of Swisse, Natures Way, Blackmore’s were put to the side and replaced with a small selection of complete, concentrated, herb based vitamins…. Best decision I ever made.

If you are finding breakfast or lunch a hassle and reaching for the next best thing, I want you to consider replacing this with a nutrient dense shake that contains live digestive enzymes, probiotics and New Zealand whey that has no hormones or antibiotics. Let’s be realistic, yes we need wholefoods in our diet, there is no dispute about this at all, BUT with soil depletion, no natural microbes left on our food, our fruit and veg bred to be larger, sweeter, hold more water and with less nutrient density… It is practical to consider replacing one meal with a more nutrient fuelled option and without the usual crap that other companies put in it.


So these are the first steps. Be open to try something new. Growth cannot occur without change. Think about your budget for the month that you are willing to invest in YOURSELF! This isn’t selfish or indulgent; this is necessary for YOU as a deserving individual, and for those who RELY on you.


It has changed my life in so many ways, so there's no reason you can't do this for yourself. xx


You can send an email here. Let's talk about what YOU NEED!



Serious Science:

Peer Reviewed Studies on the effectiveness of Isagenix have been published in both the Nutrition Journal and the Journal of Nutrition & Metabolism. Its an amazing acheivement and really validates the ingredients and their contribution towards improving health on a holistic level.

  1. The prestigious, high-profile journal Nutrition & Metabolism has now published the results from University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)’s clinical study involving Isagenix products. The study found that subjects on the Isagenix system had an average of 56 percent greater reduction in body weight, 47 percent greater reduction of body fat, and more than twice the reduction of visceral fat as compared to subjects on the “heart-healthy” diet.
  2. University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)’s clinical study involving Isagenix products has now been published in a second high-profile, peer-reviewed publication, Nutrition Journal. The new article includes magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of a subject before and after use of Isagenix products. On average, the MRI scans showed that subjects in the group taking Isagenix products lost two times as much visceral fat as those who followed a “heart-healthy” diet in the study.




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